A fire resistant material that encapsulates a structural member to “insulate” it from fire and resulting heat transfer that would cause the structural member to deform be compromised and eventually result in the building collapse. Sprayed fireproofing is rated in terms of hours that will prevent or delay the transfer of heat that would cause strucutral failure.

Commercial Density

Light weight density fireproofing that is commonly used in concealed conditions, i.e. in ceiling plenums.

High Density

Concrete like fireproofing used in areas to resist abuse from impact, abrasion, abuse or severe climatic exposure. Some locations may be parking garages, warehouses and open air structures.


A thin-film fireproofing that is paint-like, it is normally specified for aesthetic purposes or in locations where commercial density fireproofing may not fit because of spatial constraints.

Rigid Board

A manufactured fireproofing, usually in 2’x4′ pieces, that is not sprayed, but installed and secured with mechanical anchors.